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Serviços Humanitários / 27/06/2020

Amazing projects to do volunteer work in South America - part 2

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Amazing projects to do volunteer work in South America - part 2

Fonte Worldpackers
Continuing our series of articles about projects and volunteer work in Latin America

City School Ayni - Guaporé, Brazil

What is the project

Cidade Escola Ayni is a lively pedagogy project that starts the concept that children are teachers and encourages participants to reconnect with their essence, with nature and with their inner child. The organization is located in Guaporé, in Rio Grande do Sul.

What activities can you do

You can contribute to this volunteer project by painting, drawing or decorating the place, making repairs to the structure or working with gardening.

What you get in return

The benefits are two free days per week, accommodation in a shared room, kitchen at your disposal, restaurant discounts, free tours, access to bicycles and a certificate.

Traveler Reviews

The project has an average of five stars. Worldpacker Eliza said that the experience is challenging in the right measure and that the team is great, while traveler Anderson described the experience as "fantastic", stating that "the agreed workload, as well as the days off were fully accomplished, in well shifts organized ".

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