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Saúde / 16/07/2021


Rio de Janeiro confirms third case of delta variant in city

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Rio de Janeiro confirms third case of delta variant in city

The municipal secretary of Health of Rio de Janeiro, Daniel Soranz, confirmed this Friday (16) the third case of contamination by the delta variant of the coronavirus in the city. According to him, the patient is a woman the Campo Grande region, west of the state capital.

Also according to the secretary, as in the other two confirmed cases of the Indian strain (two men, residents of the neighborhoods of Vila Isabel and Paquetá), the patient had only mild symptoms of covid-19 and did not need to be hospitalized.

"It is important that, if you have any symptoms of flu-like illness, the person goes to a health facility and get tested to start monitoring as soon as possible. We can't fool around. The delta variant, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) , is already circulating in more than 110 countries. The forecast is that, in the next few days, it will become the predominant variant worldwide, in all the countries it has already entered. We are observing that it is more transmissible. be less lethal and produce fewer hospitalizations. But, of course, it's only a hypothesis yet. As many people have already been vaccinated, this may be the effect of the vaccine and not the variant," explained Soranz.

The secretary also commented on the possibility raised by the authorities of the state of Rio de Janeiro of allowing New Year and Carnival parties to take place in 2022. For him, "programming with caution" is a way to keep hope in the population.

"Covid-19's transmission is still big around here, but we need to plan for the future, with caution (...). Planning generates a movement of hope, a vision of the future of a situation of normality. I think [the parties] it will happen, yes. I hope that the vaccines will continue to show results and we will be able, in November, to think about partying, gathering, returning to the Rio way of living, with everyone together," he declared.

This Thursday (15), Mayor Eduardo Paes and the secretary announced a new anticipation of the vaccination schedule against covid-19 in the city during a live on social networks. The expectation is to vaccinate all Cariocas by the month of November.

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