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Religião e Espiritualidade / 10/07/2020

The Dalai Lama: COVID-19 is ‘a lesson in universal responsibility’

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The Dalai Lama: COVID-19 is ‘a lesson in universal responsibility’

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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, our planet is facing one of the greatest challenges to the health and well-being of its people. And yet, in the midst of that struggle, we are reminded of the value of compassion and mutual support. The current global pandemic threatens all of us, regardless of race, culture or gender, and our response must be as a single humanity, meeting the most essential needs of all.

Whether we like it or not, we were born on this land as part of a large family. Rich or poor, educated or uneducated, belonging to one nation or another, ultimately, each of us is just a human being like everyone else. In addition, we all have the same right to seek happiness and avoid suffering. When we recognize that all beings are equal in this respect, we automatically feel empathy and closeness with others. this, a genuine sense of universal responsibility arises: the desire to actively help others to overcome their problems.

Our mother earth is teaching us a lesson in universal responsibility. This blue planet is a delightful habitat. His life is our life; your future, our future. In fact, the earth acts as a mother to all of us; as her children, we are dependent on her. In view of the global problems we are facing, it is important that we all work together.

I only understood the importance of environmental concern after fleeing Tibet in 1959, we always consider the environment to be pure. Whenever we saw a stream of water, for example, there was no concern about whether it was safe to drink. Unfortunately, the sheer availability of drinking water is a major problem worldwide today.

We must ensure that patients and healthcare providers around the world have access to fundamental needs for clean water and adequate sanitation to prevent the uncontrolled spread of disease. Hygiene is one of the foundations of effective health care.

Sustainable access to properly equipped and staffed health care facilities will help us meet the challenges of the current pandemic that is plaguing our planet. It will also offer one of the strongest defenses against future public health crises. I understand that these are precisely the objectives set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that address the challenges to global health.

As we face this crisis together, it is imperative that we act in a spirit of solidarity and cooperation in order to meet the pressing needs, especially of our less fortunate brothers and sisters worldwide. I hope and pray that, in the coming days, each of us will do everything possible to create a happier and healthier world.

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