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Notícias Internacionais / 21/07/2021


Child kidnapped at 2 finds parents after 24 years of searching

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Child kidnapped at 2 finds parents after 24 years of searching

A son kidnapped and sold 24 years ago was located and finally reunited with his parents. His kidnapping has mobilized China since 1997 and even inspired a movie.

Police in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, reported that they found Guo Xinzhen, who was kidnapped at the age of two. Now, as an adult, Guo was able to meet with his parents.

The video of the meeting, last weekend, was released by the police and shows the family in tears, hugging each other tightly and shouting: “We found you, you're back!.”

Although the father traveled around the country on a motorcycle in search of his son, Guo was nearby, in the neighboring province of Henan.

DNA research and testing

Guo Xinzhen's abduction took place in eastern China in 1997 and sparked a desperate and seemingly endless search for his parents across the country. The drama inspired filmmakers to take their story to the big screen.

Police said they had arrested two people who confessed to kidnapping and trafficking Guo. He was taken near the family home by an unknown woman, his parents told police in 1997.

The case was never closed and this year a new lead emerged, with the help of DNA analysis and comparison of facial features.

The Ministry of Public Security found a potential match in Henan and when police tracked the man, DNA tests confirmed it was the missing Guo Xinzhen.

Police detained an alleged child trafficker identified only as Hu, and his ex-girlfriend identified as Tang, according to the official social media post.

The two confessed after interrogation, saying Tang had kidnapped Guo Xinzhen in 1997. She then met with Hu, and the couple took a bus back to Henan, they sold the child.

However, it is still unclear to whom Guo Xinzhen was sold, and no other details of his creation have been provided by the police.


Guo Xinzhen's father, Guo Gangtang, also never stopped looking.

He went through China, riding a motorcycle, and passed through almost all of the country's vast provinces, covering 500,000 kilometers, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency.

In the luggage, flyers and a flag emblazoned with the son's photo. That's how he used all his savings and went into debt on his long journey in search of his son.

And that's what ended up inspiring the 2015 movie “Lost and Love,” starring Hong Kong actor Andy Lau.

Gangtang was unable to find his son alone, but was able to help track down more than 100 other kidnapped children and reunite them with their families, according to Xinhua.

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