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Natureza e Meio Ambiente / 31/07/2020

BRAZIL - Judge wants to evict 250 families the Ecological Park in Porto Seguro, Bahia

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BRAZIL - Judge wants to evict 250 families the Ecological Park in Porto Seguro, Bahia

Fonte DCO

Judge Fernando Paropat of the 2nd Civil Court of Porto Seguro granted a new eviction order to families living in the occupation in the Parque Ecológico neighborhood, called “Housing for All”, in Porto Seguro, a municipality in the extreme south of Bahia.

Fernando Paropat had already issued an order to evict 200 families the pre-settlement Project Mangabeira, ignoring all the documents that prove that the area is vacant and that the alleged owners who requested repossession belonged to families of land grabbers in the region. Now, the judge wants to evict more families in the same situation.

The Housing for All occupation started in 2012 and today has about 250 families living and making a living the area. This is yet another attack by the right against workers in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The eviction permit is already in the Battalion Command of the city's Military Police and ready to be executed and throw 250 families on the streets of Porto Seguro.

We denounce that the intention of the right, formed by authorities in the region, land grabbers and real estate speculation, is in a great offensive against the working population of the city and that must be prevented by popular mobilization.

Any eviction that occurs in the city is a victory for this group and represents that they will advance against other occupations. As in the Mangabeira Project, it is necessary to prevent the eviction of these families in any way necessary.

Left-wing organizations, unions, political parties must give full support to the fight, not only at lives or appearing to speak into the microphone on the day of the act, but to put their militants and resources to support families. Following the example that was made in the Mangabeira Project the political parties PT, PCO, CUT, MST and CECAF unified to prevent eviction.

A great campaign is needed to denounce this crime committed against the population of Porto Seguro.

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