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Justiça / 23/04/2021


Tears of joy and relief after verdict on Floyd's murder

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Tears of joy and relief after verdict on Floyd's murder

More than 200 people gathered to hear the verdict of the trial against the police officer accused of killing Floyd, an African American who died of asphyxiation during his arrest, in a case that sparked protests against racial injustice worldwide.

"Guilty of all three charges," announced a male voice in a megaphone, as tears streamed down several faces of the crowd. "Today we celebrate justice for our city," he added.

The street in front of the courthouse was closed to traffic and several vehicles that veered off blew their horns in support of the crowd. The courthouse was surrounded by armored vehicles and protective barriers, due to the repercussion of the case, which generated the biggest protests against racism and police violence of a generation.

The celebration, however, quickly moved to the south of the city, Floyd was killed. At that corner, more than a thousand people gathered to celebrate the jury's decision, dancing to the rhythm of a band that cheered the scene.

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