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Educação / 25/03/2021

UnB investigates 90 allegations of fraud in the racial quota system

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UnB investigates 90 allegations of fraud in the racial quota system


Universidade de Brasília has also started studies to evaluate the implementation of hetero-identification commissions for the entry of quota holders

The war against prejudice is fought on several battlefields. That Sunday (3/21), the world celebrated the International Day Against Racial Discrimination with much reflection on the theme. The University of Brasilia (UnB), for example, analyzes 90 reports of racial quota fraud and is considering implementing hetero-identification commissions.

According to UnB, the 90 cases are in the process of initiating a disciplinary teaching process, in the Decanate of Community Affairs. In other words, it is not yet the verification itself. In 2020, 25 students and graduates accused of fraud in the racial quota system were investigated.

The verification process began with complaints students. Regarding the judged cases, according to the UnB's Superior Administration, 15 university students were expelled, two graduates had their degrees revoked and eight former students, already on leave UnB, for other reasons, suffered the cancellation of the credits.

Commissions as in post

On March 12, the University Council (Consuni) approved a report with suggestions for improving the implementation of the quota policy. In addition to the punishment of fraudsters, one of the main demands of black students was hetero-identification. And the institution decided to officially assess the demand.

"Among the indications, is the establishment of hetero-identification commissions already on admission, along the lines of what should be done in graduate school - whose vacancy policy was approved last year," said the university.

A pioneer in the racial quota policy in the country, UnB had hetero-identification boards in the past, through which a group of professors interviewed students who were candidates to enter the university as quota holders. However, over time, the instrument was abandoned.

The report with the suggestions will be evaluated by the UnB Management. After due debate, in the competent collegiate bodies, the demands may or may not be accepted. "Quotas are an important mechanism for promoting inclusion and equality, and UnB will continue to be attentive to ensure that their implementation occurs satisfactorily," said the educational institution.


Of the 25 former students and graduates convicted of fraud, 19 filed an appeal against the decision at Consuni. At the same meeting on March 12, after three meetings, with analyzes of each case, all were rejected. “With that, the administrative instances of processing the processes were exhausted”, emphasized the university.

The report with suggestions for improving the racial quota policy was prepared by the committee responsible for the prior analysis of the appeals and issuing of opinions judged by Consuni.

The expelled students were law (four), medicine (four), social sciences (three), French letters, computer science, software engineering and veterinary medicine (one each of these degrees). Former students with an expired diploma attended law school. These had their credits canceled.

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