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Educação / 07/11/2020

BRAZIL - New National Special Education Policy is launched in Brasilia

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BRAZIL - New National Special Education Policy is launched in Brasilia


The expectation is to expand specialized educational assistance to more than 1.3 million students with disabilities, global developmental disorders and high skills or giftedness.

The New National Special Education Policy (PNEE) was launched this Wednesday (30th), in a ceremony at the Palácio do Planalto, to reinforce the education systems and guarantee the assistance to students with disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and those with high skills or giftedness.

The policy aims to expand specialized educational services to more than 1.3 million students in the country, according to the Ministry of Education.

PNEE 2020 was expanded by the Federal Government, bringing an equitable perspective throughout life. It guarantees families and the public of special education the right to choose which educational institution to study, in inclusive common schools, special schools or bilingual schools for the deaf.

“One of the main guidelines of this national policy is the valuation of the singularity and the right of the student and the families in the decision-making process about the most appropriate alternative for educational assistance”, explained the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro.

Through the policy, the education systems of the states, the Federal District and the municipalities will be able to receive support to install rooms with multifunctional or specific resources, provide initial or continuing training courses for teachers, improve architectural and pedagogical accessibility in schools and, further improve or create Specialized Educational Assistance Service Centers. The adhesion of federated entities to the PNEE will be voluntary.

“We believe that this National Special Education Policy will bring significant benefits not only in the educational area, but will also represent advances in the economic, scientific, artistic, political and cultural areas. We are certain that thousands of students who are part of the target audience of this policy, if well attended to in their demands, will be able to develop their potential and become everything they are capable of being ”, said the Minister of Education.

During the ceremony, President Jair Bolsonaro signed the decree that institutes the National Special Education Policy: Equitable, Inclusive and Lifelong Learning.

Tribute to the deaf

At the ceremony, a tribute was also paid to the deaf. This month is known as Blue September for giving visibility to the causes of the deaf community. And it brings together dates such as the 10th of September on which the Day of the Brazilian Sign Language is celebrated, the 26th which is the National Day of the Deaf and the 30th on which the International Day of the Deaf is celebrated and the Day of the Translator Professional Sign Language Interpreter.

Active participant in activities for the rights of the deaf, the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, spoke during the ceremony in the Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) and said that the day represents a victory.

“The launch of the PNEE represents a significant step by that Government towards a more just and equal opportunity country. PNEE strengthens the family's right to choose. We have a duty to offer citizens the option of schooling in regular schools, specialized schools or bilingual schools for the deaf. In these, the Brazilian Sign Language is the first language, the language of instruction and communication, and Portuguese in its written form, the second language ”, explained the first lady who is also chairman of the Pátria Voluntária Program Council.

“I dream, work and fight for a Brazil without communication barriers, everyone is respected and valued”, said Michelle Bolsonaro.

According to the Basic Education School Census, in 2019 there were 64,546 deaf and hearing impaired students enrolled in basic education and 69 schools specializing in serving deaf students. Of this total, 41 schools are in the public school system.

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