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Direitos Humanos / 19/04/2021


25 Privileges that White people enjoy simply because they are White

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25 Privileges that White people enjoy simply because they are White

1 - I don't need to think about what the statistic for me and my family is that 77% of murder victims in Brazil are black.

2 - I need not be afraid that my son is at risk of being one of the 28 children and adolescents who are murdered every day by police officers in Brazil.

3 - I am sure that I earn as much as my white colleague earns and not half.

4 - I don't have to worry about whether my hair or the color of my skin will prevent me getting a job.

5 - I don't need to think about what the information that the murder of black women has increased by 54% in the last decade means to me. Or that black women are three times more likely to be raped than white women.

6 - If I move to a wealthy neighborhood, I don't have to worry about the neighbors being unpleasant to me and my family.

7 - If my son studies at a private school, I don't have to worry about whether he will be discriminated against because he is the only white person in the class.

8 - When I turn on the TV, read a magazine or watch a movie, the people I see portrayed have the same skin color as me.

9 - The History that I learned at school is the History of a people has the same skin color as me.

10 - All the heroes, inventors, scholars, scientists, warriors I learned at school are the same skin color as me.

11 - All these stories with white protagonists and heroes strengthen my self-esteem and my sense of importance in society.

12 - I can express my opinion on several subjects without worrying about the possibility of being seen as a representative of my entire race.

13 - If I get a very good job, I need not fear that people will think that I got the job not out of competence, but to fulfill quotas.

14 - I can say that I went to college with the certainty that people will not think that I stole the vacancy of someone more competent.

15 - I can walk on the street at night without making people step up when they see me.

16 - I don't worry when I go through a police block, because I know I don't have the profile that the police automatically consider suspicious.

17 - I can decide to become a doctor without worrying if patients will ask for another doctor when they find me.

18 - I can be rude, ignorant, do poorly at school, leave something to be desired in personal hygiene, without these characteristics being associated with the color of my skin and automatically attributed to all other people with white skin.

19 - If I braid my hair and get a thousand tattoos, people can consider me stylish, creative, artistic, kind of crazy, but hardly a “marginal”, “bad hair”, “riot” or “social parasite”.

20 - I never went through or worried about going through the embarrassment of having boyfriends afraid or ashamed to introduce myself to their families.

21 - I don't need to be afraid to go through the embarrassment of being confused with the babysitter of my own children.

22 - If I were an orphaned child, I would be more likely to be adopted than a black child.

23 - If I go into a store alone, I will hardly be monitored or accused of trying to steal something.

24 - I can drive a very good car and be sure that people will not think it is stolen or that I did something illegal to buy it.

25 - I can afford to move away the discussion of racism when it gets too uncomfortable.

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