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Direitos Humanos / 16/10/2020

Hunger and death for the poor, paradisiacal islands for the rich

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Hunger and death for the poor, paradisiacal islands for the rich

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The concern with buying islanders by millionaires, to escape the pursuit of the coronavirus, contrasts with millions of miserable and unemployed people who have no to help themselves.

Unlike many who are dying covid19, or becoming infected around the world, there is a social segment, of very wealthy people, who, in view of the risk situation offered by the pandemic, are building new possibilities, and seeking options for complete social isolation of the rest of the population, daily living with the disease, even if indirectly, is a matter of great concern.

This feeling coupled with a lot of money, has led this segment to help in the purchase of islands, which has even heated up the real estate market. It is even with this subject, what motivated a publication of the New York Times this Sunday (12).

According to Krolow in the article, executive director of Private Islands, a broker specializing in the sale of islands, before the pandemic, the purchase of an island was the consequence of a whim of millionaires, mainly men, and in the face of retirement. But that profile, according to the broker, has changed in the last months, when the demand for islands has surpassed the limits of the last 22 years that is in the market, and, unlike the previous impulse, what is sought is a refuge for the family, and a safety against coronavirus. They are buyers who care less about their ego and more about their disease.

With such a fortune, it makes all the difference the alternatives found to solve the difficulties that life presents, in the current scenario, , in addition to hunger and unemployment, there is also a pandemic to make things worse.

But, this outlet is for the few. The majority of the population, fight for jobs and wages, and live in the midst of misery and hunger. With the impact of Covid19 on the economy, we have already reached the figure of 15 million unemployed, not to mention those who live in informality, or who are not looking for a job and are unemployed. As a result, many of the middle class are losing their purchasing power, and others who were no longer well, have worsened. It is general impoverishment, a tragedy heralded by neoliberal politics that is now aggravated by the global health crisis.

The fact is that, with the coronavirus, social inequalities are increasingly exposed, and, in news like these that are broadcast, they are well highlighted. Despite this being an atavistic problem for humanity, with disasters, differences between the social strata come to the fore, and the fight to demand social justice becomes clearer and more eminent.

Although the pandemic is a threat to anyone and everyone, the hardest hit are those who have the least resources, are forced to work day-to-day, relentlessly, and cannot hide and escape to a safe place, and do the social isolation. And that is when they have work, because otherwise, they do not even have the guarantee of housing and minimum subsistence conditions.

It is moments like these that we perceive the inhumanity of capital, and the need to transform society completely, ending private ownership of the means of production, annihilating the bourgeoisie, to make a more equitable distribution of income and wealth.

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