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Cultura e Mitologia / 02/12/2020


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Wicca is a Neopagan religion founded by Englishman Gerald Gardner.

It is the modernization of ancient pagan practices lived in Britain.


Gerald Gardner was born into an accommodating family and has always been interested in history, anthropology, archeology and the occult sciences.

He also had contact with Freemasonry and enjoyed reading about the ancient Celtic and pagan rituals that were practiced in Great Britain.

In this way, he s the ancestral knowledge for the 20th century and calls this practice Wicca. The root of this word comes wicce that would give the word “witch” in English and wise, wisdom.

Thus, Gardner hoped to disassociate the evil witchcraft that had been done by Christians. For this reason, he emphasized positive values ​​and knowledge of nature in place of mysteries and rites.

After all, witchcraft had been harshly pursued by Christianity in times past. Until the 1950s, the practice was prohibited by law in the United Kingdom.

It is important to remember that not all people who follow some type of Neopagan religion are Wiccans. Wicca is yet another among the many pre-Christian religions that are resurging.

Another example of Neopagan religion is found at Stonehenge non-Christian festivals are celebrated.


Wicca is a religion that believes in the existence of two gods: a male named Cernunnos or Cerunos and another female, the Mother Goddess.

Mother Goddess - uncreated and creative, has always existed. Her feminine state makes it possible to incarnate the three conditions of human life: virginity (innocence), mother (fullness), elderly (wisdom). Represented by the moon, her worship includes the exaltation of fertility and the knowledge of healing and care.

Cerunos - also known as the Cornish god is the husband of the mother goddess. A god who is born, dies and is reborn, as well as life itself, plants, seasons, etc. Associated with virility and masculinity, it was mistakenly identified by Christians as the devil.

Wiccan Gods

Illustrations of the Mother Goddess and Cerunos

However, Wicca does not exclude the cult of pantheons such as the Nordic, Celtic, Assyrian, Greek, etc., if the faithful so wish to do so.

In the same way, they believe in the reincarnation in which all human actions return to those who practiced them (Triple Law) and do not accept the idea of ​​an embodiment of evil.

Its supporters gather during parties like the Solstices and Shabats to perform rituals of thanks, renewal and requests to the gods. They also meet to study and deepen their knowledge of religion.

However, each believer is free to make their own individual spells and potions.

Wicca's parties and celebrations are linked to nature and the seasons, just like paganism.


Wiccan rituals follow the phases of the moon, the Solstices and the Equinoxes.

There are several rituals that can be practiced in large groups, small or even alone.

The important thing is that the environment is clean, purified with herbs and that the altar is tidy. The people involved must know in advance what their function will be within the ritual so that there is no dispersion of physical or spiritual energy.

Elements and deities must also be invoked when making the circle.

When finished, the circle is broken and little by little the participants return to the present. You can serve some food or drink to help you relax at this time.

It is useful to record the experiences felt in the Book of Shadows, a kind of diary for practitioners of pagan religions.


Many Wiccan symbols are common to the various pagan religions. Even Wicca itself uses symbols other religions such as Yin and Yang or the Egyptian cross in its rituals.

Triple Moon - the triple moon represents the three faces of the goddess: Maiden, Mother, Elder who are directly related to the phases of the crescent, full and waning moon.

Pentagram - the five-pointed star present in various religions and cultures is also found in Wicca. It symbolizes the five elements, the union of the cosmos, the feminine and the masculine, among others.

Pentacle - a pentagram in a circle. This object is found on the altars in order to perform rites, spells and spells.

The Wiccan altar is the expression of the Wiccan's faith.

Thus, it is important to have an altar at home to perform magic and purify the environment. The number of objects will depend on what the Wiccan intends to accomplish. There are people who prepare special altars to celebrate parties.

Certain elements that should not be missing:

Colored candles: one for the god and one for the goddess and some illustration that symbolizes them.

Pentacle: representing the four elements of air, water, fire and earth.

Four elements: there are many ways to represent it, such as candle (fire), incense (earth), salt (air) and a pot of water.

Blind double-edged knife: this knife is not for cut, or at least, just cut the air. It is used to channel energy and can be replaced by the index finger.

Magic wand: usually wooden and made by the practitioner himself, with a piece of quartz.

Chalice: an element of the goddess that should be used exclusively for rituals.

Cauldron: usually of iron herbs and other elements for spells will be burned.

Wicca in Brazil

The Wiccan religion arrived in Brazil in the 50s when Gardner taught his disciples in Great Britain and later, in the United States.

Likewise, with the publication of the book "Brida", by Paulo Coelho, this belief became popular among Brazilians.

In Brazil there are associations and even schools that teach the fundamentals of Wicca.


"Do what you want, without harming anyone." (Gerald Gardner)

"Never take advantage of the people you've always helped, because when you least expect it, you'll need a simple presence and you won't have it anymore."

"No harm. This is the old law and it is not open to interpretation or change."

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