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Culinária / 20/05/2021


Belgian cuisine

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Belgian cuisine

1. Stoofvlees

Also known as carbonnade or beef stew in English menus, stoofvlees is nothing more than the famous pot meat, very soft and cooked with some local beer (or, sometimes, homemade beer). In all restaurants, a portion is always served well in a mini ceramic pot to keep you warm until the end. The side dishes are a small salad (in most cases, a chicory salad) and, of course, french fries and mayonnaise. It's delicious, and you can even risk doing it at home!

2. Moules-frites

Moules-frites (mussels and fries) is another very famous meal in Belgium. In fact, it is not a dish, but a pan full of cooked mussels. Yes, literally a pan. There are some places that serve a more gourmet portion, but if you choose a more traditional restaurant, it will be a portion so neat that you can hardly stand to eat until the end. In order not to get seasick, you can choose a different seasoning each time you taste the mussels. The most common flavors are marinière (butter, chives, parsley and white wine), natures (celery, leeks and butter), à la crème (white wine sauce thickened with flour and sour cream), à la bière (it is the same as the marinière, but instead of white wine, it is made with beer) and à l'ail (cooked with garlic).

3. Vol-Au-Vent

Vol-Au-Vent is a French word, which translated into Portuguese means “canapé”. This is the name of the round pastry, which the Belgians fill with shredded chicken, veal meatballs and mushrooms mixed in a creamy and very tasty white sauce. In France, this is a meal served as a starter, but in Belgium it is more common to find it as a main course and in larger portions. As an accompaniment, you can choose between fries or mashed potatoes.

4. Stoemp

Part of Belgian culture since the 19th century, it is done with the reuse of previous meals. Basically, you can mix all the vegetables and vegetables you find in the refrigerator, such as onions, carrots, leeks, spinach, peas and cabbage, season them with thyme and nutmeg, and mix with the mashed potatoes. On top of this mix, fried bacon, meatballs or sausages are served. Practical, good and cheap!

5. Waterzooi

Perfect for winter, this recipe came the city of Gent, Belgium. Nowadays, the most common main ingredient is chicken, but it can also be made with fish. It is similar to a creamy soup, very juicy. Its base is made of egg yolk, corn starch, sour cream and broth. Add the vegetables and chicken at the end, and voilà! Ready to be served with chips or bread.5

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