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Culinária / 04/12/2020

12 typical Dutch foods (tasty and exotic)

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The Dutch do not live on gouda cheese alone. The country of the windmills has a cuisine rich in sweets, greengrocers, sauces and fried foods. Connect on the list! It has starters, snacks, main courses and desserts on the list, in addition to many fried foods. Come with me to discover the best of Dutch cuisine.

1. Kroketten, the Dutch croquette

The Dutch love for kroketten is like ours for pastel. And, what I've read, kroketten is a Dutch invention. It is basically a fried meat dumpling, usually chicken, full of spices and with a spicy sauce or mustard to accompany it. It can be found in any cafeteria or street food cart.

2. Pannekoeken, the Dutch crepe

It is a traditional crepe dough, made of flour, milk and eggs, very thin. Unlike the French and Brazilian crepe, the Pannekoeken is served open, lining the plate, with the filling on top: it can be cheese, eggs with bacon and other savory flavors. It can also be pure, with honey, fruit or other sweet fillings. Usually the cheapest option on the menu is the one in the photo above, with only icing sugar on top.

3. Rookworst, the Dutch sausage

Even though they hate their German neighbors, the Dutch are unable to avoid similarities in cooking. One of them is the love for sausages. Or sausages, as is the case with rookworst, prepared with beef, salt, pepper and other spices, smoked or not. It is traditionally served over mashed potatoes and vegetables, another recipe typical of the notorious Dutch cuisine.

4. Frikandel, the stuffed sausage Holland

There is no typical Dutch food cheaper than this. Frikandel is a fried sausage stuffed with an onion sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup. If you buy in markets, parties and fairs, it comes in a plastic or paper in its format, with an extra sauce to guarantee that basic burning afterwards. And like everything that is fried, it is almost always tasty.

5. Kaassoufflé, the Dutch risole

Another delicious fried food for the list. Kaassoufflé is like a big risole: fried puff pastry, stuffed with cheese. And when it comes to cheese in Holland, you can know that it is very tasty. It's worth a try.

6. Typical Dutch cheeses

In the country of Dutch cows, it is not surprising that cheese is one of the national passions. The most famous (and tasty, in the opinion of those who don't like moldy cheeses) is the Gouda Cheese, which, incidentally, has this name because it was created in the Dutch city of Gouda. While in Brazil gouda cheese is expensive and considered gourmet, in Holland it is like mozzarella. Other very tasty and cheap cheese is Leerdammer, sold sliced ​​in any market in the country and perfect to be eaten plain or melted in bread.

Other typical Dutch cheese are: Beemster, Edam, Graskaas ,, Leyden

7. Hollandse Nieuwe (exotic)

This is the name that the Dutch give to the small fish Herring when it is caught in June and July, a time when it has at least 16% of body fat. Complicated, right. It is sold mainly in the haringhandles, the fish stalls. The traditional way is to serve raw herring, accompanied by chopped onion and pickles. To decorate, a simple little flag Holland. At the time of eating, another Dutch tradition: take the goldfish by the tail, turn your head back and let the delicacy fall completely in your mouth.

8. Broodje gerookte makreel

It can translate to fish sandwich and is more common in the coastal cities of the Netherlands, mainly at fairs, markets and beaches. Makreel is the fish in question, which resembles a sardine, but is related (or is itself) “mackerel”.

9. Drop, the fake Dutch candy

Don't be fooled by the look of a delicious black candy. The drop is made of licorice, that candy usually sold on soft sticks, and there is nothing sweet about it. I say that because I was already cheated and had to throw a whole bag out. But the Dutch love it

. 10. Old Dutch-Snoep, the cute little candy Holland

To get the bitter taste out of your mouth, buy a big can of Old-Dutch candy. It sells in any supermarket and the name is the same, a mixture of English (old dutch = old Dutch) and Dutch (snoep = sweet). Some packages have the name all in English, like Old Dutch Candies or Old Dutch Sweet Mix. If decorating the name is a problem, look for it: they are multicolored candies, striped and with cool designs.

11. Appeltaart

In particular, I hate apple pie and step away Apfelstrudel, a typical German dessert. But apparently the Dutch don't have the same taste as me, because they love their apple pie, Appeltaart. The recipe is simple: pie dough, pieces of apple, raisins and cinnamon.

12. Stroopwafel, the Dutch waffle

Typical street candy Holland, very common in traditional fairs and parties. They make two very thin and consistent waffles, and glue each other with a sweet syrup. There's no mistake: cheap, tasty candy that fills the belly.

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