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Crimes / 22/01/2021

60 thousand vaccines disappeared in the amazons

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60 thousand vaccines disappeared in the amazons

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The Public Ministry (MP), the Public Defender's Office and the State Audit Court (TCE) of Amazonas questioned the State government about the number of doses of Coronavac received, the apportionment between cities and the list of immunized health professionals. The vaccination of the son of a state deputy and two sisters daughters of a local businessman, all recently graduated doctors, sparked criticism on Wednesday, 20.

On Tuesday night, 19, David Dallas and the twins Gabrielle and Isabelle Kirk Lins published photos on social media the moment they received doses of the vaccine. The young man is the son of state deputy Wanderley Dallas (Solidarity). They, 24, are the daughters of the owners of the university and hospital Nilton Lins, rented by the government to function as a field hospital. The three had not been active on the front line to combat the covid-19.

Only Isabelle had her appointment published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality the day before the vaccination. The other two had their appointment published the next day. They are not doctors, but project managers - with salaries of around R $ 15,000. Estadão sought all three, but was unable to contact him.

The city responded only that the two young women were vaccinated because they were employees, but did not answer why one of them was only appointed afterwards. Nor did he explain the Dallas case. The mayor of Manaus, David Almeida (Avante), published yesterday on his social networks that he would download an ordinance prohibiting people posting photos on social networks after being vaccinated.


Defensoria, MP and TCE charge the State on the total doses distributed among the municipalities. The Ministry of Health website says that 101 thousand doses of vaccine would arrive in Manaus and only 40 thousand arrived. According to the letter sent to the government by the control agencies, other municipalities also received less, such as Parintins, which would receive 4,974 doses, but received just over a thousand this week.

"There is no transparency in the data, we are sending letters about this lack of information to the state government since the first phase of the pandemic," said public defender of the state, Rafael Barbosa.

The Ombudsman asked for help the coordinators of the Sustainable Development Objectives Atlas (ODS), the Federal University of Amazonas. The group matched data vaccines received with that provided by the state immunization plan. “Some municipalities, such as Amaturá, received 173% of the amount of vaccines for the 1st phase. The government says it is to vaccinate the two phases, to facilitate logistics with very distant municipalities, but if it were so, it would be 200% of the total. The numbers do not match ”, says Danilo Egle, technical coordinator of ODS.

A member of the Regional Nursing Council, Cleide Martins said that there were hospitals , in addition to health professionals, other sectors were vaccinated, such as the management of hospitals and other employees. The president of the Doctors' Union, Mário Vianna, demanded the vaccination of all health professionals. "If they continue to get sick at the level they are getting sick, oxygen and health professionals will be lacking."

Omission of BF in oxygen crisis

The Federal Public Ministry has initiated a civil investigation to investigate a possible act of administrative improbity by the Amazonas government in the face of a lack of oxygen in the capital and in the interior. The investigation seeks to understand whether the state administration was notified of the imminent collapse a week in advance. "Local authorities were aware of the possibility of a lack of oxygen," said prosecutor Igor Spindola, who is at the forefront of the actions of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) in combating the pandemic in Amazonas.

The investigation requested information the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense on the measures taken in view of prior information on the probable oxygen shortage crisis in Amazonas and also requested information and documents the government of Amazonas and the company White Martins on the official alerts competent authorities the perspective of a lack of oxygen.

It was found that two FAB planes that brought oxygen cylinders outside the state for a week, due to the increase in demand, did not make the route on January 13th and 14th. On the night of the 14th, reports of deaths lack of oxygen began in hospitals in the capital.

In a note, the State Department of Health (Susam) said that the government is “making every effort, with the assistance of the federal government, to address the difficulties encountered in the logistics of oxygen supply in health units in the public health network of capital and interior ”. The note highlights that the health systems of the municipalities of Coari, Parintins and Tefé are independent, being fully managed by the city halls, but the State assists local administration.

We look forward to more good news!

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