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Coluna Social / 09/04/2021


Prince Philip dies at 99

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Prince Philip dies at 99

Buckingham Palace announced that Elizabeth II's husband died on Friday. The cause has not yet been revealed. In February, he underwent heart surgery

Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died at 99, Buckingham Palace said on Friday.

He would turn 100 in June of this year.

In February, he became ill and was admitted as a "precautionary measure". However, he was transferred the hospital and underwent cardiac surgery. He was discharged after a month.

Great-grandson of Queen Victoria, was born in a kitchen

Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, great-grandson of Queen Victoria (like Queen Elizabeth II herself), was born at a kitchen table on the island of Corfu, on June 10, 1921.

Just over a year later, in December 1922, he was removed the island in a box of oranges with the rest of the family on a British ship, when his uncle, King Constantine I of Greece, grandfather of the Queen of Spain, had to to go into exile.

After a wandering childhood and a long stay in an austere Scottish boarding house, he joined the British Navy and took an active part in World War II.

After his marriage in 1947 to the then young princess Elizabeth, Philip Mountbatten was sent to Malta, but the meteoric military rise was interrupted by his wife's throne in 1952, which forced him to resign his career.

Inadequate spontaneity

Since then, he played a secondary role alongside the monarch, whom he accompanied on official visits, but had been a constant target of the press due to comments that were both spontaneous and inappropriate - and often racist.

Prince Philip turns 99: see 5 curiosities about him

In 1986, for example, he advised British students in China not to stay in the country for long if they didn't want to end with "eyes wide open".

During a visit to Australia in 2002, he asked an aborigine if he "still shot arrows". On one occasion, a boy said that he would like to be an astronaut and the duke replied: "He will never be able to fly, he is very fat".

When asked if he would like to visit the Soviet Union, he replied: "I would very much like to go to Russia, but the bastards murdered half of my family" (in reference to the fate of the Romanovs).

To a Scottish driving school teacher, the prince asked, "How do you go about keeping the natives far enough drinking to pass them on the exam?"

In spite of everything, he won the sympathy of the British with the support work of almost 800 organizations.

Solid Marriage

Elizabeth and Philip were married on November 20, 1947. They met in 1939, when Philip of Greece was 18 and the then princess, 13. The future queen, nicknamed

"Lilibet", she later said that she felt love at first sight by the tall blond with blue eyes. He, for his part, never confessed if the feeling was reciprocal.

"It is the attraction of opposites: she is serious, shy, introverted; he, on the contrary, likes people and social life, being a lot of fun. Anyway, they complement each other," said Marc Roche, author of the biography "The last queen" .

With the premature death of King George VI, Elizabeth ascended the throne at the age of 25. Philip became a consort prince, in the shadow of his wife; he was even forced to change his surname, Mountbatten, because, according to Winston Churchill, he sounded very German in a time of war.

"Prince Philip is the only man in the world who treats the queen as a mere human being," said Elizabeth II's former private secretary, Lord Charteris. "He IS the only one who can be allowed. And that pleases her," he added.

The strength of the "association" they formed contributed, to a large extent, to the stability of the British monarchy over the past six decades.

"The queen and prince formed an extraordinary working partnership, but would they be happy?" Wrote Gyles Brandreth in the bestseller "Philip and Elizabeth, portrait of a marriage".

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